Smooth muscle


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Smooth muscle
  1. They are also called viseral muscles
    1. They are arranged in a longitudinal and a circular form
      1. Ex: esophagus, bronchioles, uterus
      2. Smooth muscle cells do not contain sarcomere
        1. Also these cells lack troponine
          1. In skeletical muscle, this were a juntion point
        2. They contain a lot of actine and little miosine
          1. Thin filaments are very long
            1. Miosine proteins stack vertically
              1. Contraction
                1. It is caused by an increase in the concentration of Ca2+
                2. phosporilation is very important to unite the actine and carry on with the contraction
                  1. Depolarization in these mucle cells can be graduated
                    1. Depolarization does not produce action potentials
                      1. Depolarization occurs from one cell to the other
                        1. The more depolarization there is, the stronger the contraction will be
                          1. This is due to more calcium entering the cell
                        2. Relaxation
                          1. Ca2+ channels are closed
                            1. Glamoduline is separated from MLCK
                              1. Energy pulse is stopped by the bridge
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