Cardiac muscle


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Cardiac muscle
  1. It is a striated muscle
    1. Produces own impulses and can contract spontanously
      1. Regulated by nervous system
        1. Also called miocardate muscles
          1. They have miosine and actine filaments
          2. Cells are interconnected with each other
            1. United with the other myocardium cells by electric sinapsis
              1. All myocardium cells are electrically united
            2. Tubular structure
              1. Communication unions are located on the sides of the cell
                1. Action potential produced anywhere on these cells can be undone by communcative cells
              2. A myocardium works as a unique fuctional unit
                1. 2 myocardiums
                  1. Auricular
                    1. Ventricular
                  2. Action potential are originated in pacemaker cells
                    1. Ca2+
                      1. Works as a messenger
                        1. Ca2+ channels sensible to voltage
                          1. The docking of excitation is slower than in Skeletical muscle
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