Annual Plan Language 2°B


Annual Plan Language 2°B RDLPS
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Annual Plan Language 2°B
  1. Communication
    1. Past Simple
      1. Non-verbal communication. Body language.
        1. Marcel Marceau, Helen Keller, Louis Braille's biographies.
          1. Dictation (H.K.'s bio)
            1. Technology and comm.
              1. 'Touching' poem
                1. People / animals
                2. Journal: "laughter is the best medicine" and "communicating without words"
                  1. Learning other ways of communication and learning about some people's legacy
                  2. Feeding us all
                    1. HUnger map, food crisis in Africa, international aids organizations and charities
                      1. Comparisons with our country
                      2. Love your life. Appreciate it
                        1. Newspaper report: Ethiopia
                          1. Direct speech. Wh- words
                            1. Cause and effect
                            2. Food aid organisations and charities
                              1. Research - presentation
                              2. Rhyme/description - your fav. food
                                1. Fantasy / historical fiction- story. HUNGER. Dictation
                                  1. Journal: "Where would you go if...?"
                                    1. Present Simple / Conditional 2
                                    2. New Pastures
                                      1. Living in a new country
                                        1. Autobiog: Ghada Karmi (from Jerusalem to London)
                                          1. Comparatives and superlatives
                                            1. Poems (Song of a refugee and Windrush Child)
                                              1. Imigration
                                              2. Journal: describing an experience through the senses
                                                1. Vox pops
                                                2. Setting the scene
                                                  1. Good opening scenes
                                                    1. Dickens
                                                      1. Great Expectations - extract
                                                        1. Directing a play. Description of all its elements 8setting, characters, chapter, etc.)
                                                      2. Poety and painting
                                                        1. Poetic devices - alliteration, rhyme, repetition
                                                        2. Writing an imaginative opening scene / dialogues.
                                                          1. Fiction
                                                            1. Extract from novel Reef. Dictation.
                                                            2. Journal: "have you ever been in trouble?
                                                              1. Present / past Perfect
                                                                1. Theatre: shadow puppetry
                                                                2. Peace
                                                                  1. Peace symbols, peaceful scenes/words
                                                                    1. Poem 'Don't believe in war'
                                                                      1. Presenting the poem
                                                                      2. Metaphors
                                                                        1. Fable
                                                                          1. Describing a scene
                                                                          2. Past Continuous
                                                                            1. Origami
                                                                              1. Japanese legend
                                                                              2. Creating our own image for peace
                                                                                1. Journal: "is your life peaceful?"
                                                                                2. Looking back
                                                                                  1. Memories
                                                                                    1. Journal: your earliest memories
                                                                                      1. Magazine article - The disappearing village
                                                                                        1. Climate change
                                                                                        2. Used to/Would - Future will/going to
                                                                                          1. Writing about special places
                                                                                            1. Dreams
                                                                                              1. Describing a dream
                                                                                              2. Preserving languages
                                                                                                1. Canterbury Tales
                                                                                              3. Bibliography: English An International Approach 2. Oxford. Macmillan English Grammar In Context - Intermediate.
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