Photos: before and after Carlisle


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Photos: before and after Carlisle
  1. Carlisle was an Indian school
    1. It was founded in 1879
      1. Founded by Colonel RH Pratt
        1. Racial equality between Americans and Indians
          1. "Kill the indian, safe the man"
          2. make them as white as possible
            1. They were forbidden their languages,their hair was cut, and they was dressed with suits, ties and dresses
              1. They didn't go home for years
              2. Photos and stories of some students
                1. Tom Torlino
                  1. His photo was taken in 1882, by John Choate. In 1885 Choate took other photo of Tom, in this photo the skin of Tom looks more lighter. Some persons think that Choate manipulate the light to say "with the proper education, Carlisle students could literally blend in with white society"
                  2. Three Sioux boys
                    1. Richard Tritt said that in this photo Choate had props and costumes on hand. After three years Choate took a picture where this three boys use cadet uniforms
                    2. Four Pueblo children
                      1. This is one of the few photos that convine boys and girls, it was taken in 1880, year after they had short hair and uniforms
                      2. Group of Chiricahua Apaches
                        1. They were in a prison (Fort Marison) in Florida. The condition in the prison were terrible so many of they dint survive in Carlisle, the cause, they were unhealthy. the second picture was taken few months after their arrive
                      3. Opinion
                        1. I think is a good idea have photos of the forefathers, and know a little bit of their stories, to know the why of different cultures.
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