Matter, materials and mixtures


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Matter, materials and mixtures
  1. Change of state
    1. We can change the STATE of water from a LIQUID to a SOLID by freezing it and making ice. What happens when we heat it? Does it change state?
    2. Change of shape
      1. We can BEND, TWIST, PRESS and STRECH plasticine. The plasticine STAYS IN THE NEW SHAPE when we stop applying force. What happens to a rubber band when we strech it? What happens when we let go?
      2. Combustion
        1. When we BURN paper, there is a reaction called COMBUSTION. The paper changes into different matter and becomes ASH. Do you think it is possible to change the ash back into paper?
        2. Oxidation
          1. If you leave your bike outside, the metal starts outside in the rain for a long time, the metal starts to turn BROWN and rough. This isn't dirt - It's called rust. The metal reacts with WATER and AIR (Oxigen) and changesinto differnt matter
          2. Chemichal changes
            1. Sometimes matter REACTS with AIR, WATER and OTHER ELEMENTS. These reactions cause the matter to CHANGE INTO DIFFERENT MATTER. These reactions are called CHEMICHAL CHANGES
            2. Physical changes
              1. Matter has different PROPERTIES, like SHAPE, SIZE and STATE. These propeties can change. These changes are called PHYSICAL CHANGES.
              2. Separating materials in a mixtures
                1. Do you think it is possible to SEPARATE the different materials in a mixture? We can separate some materials in a mixture by SIEVING, FILTERING or EVAPORATING.
                2. Mixtures
                  1. A MIXTURE is something that contains TWO OR MORE DIFFERENT MATERIALS. Almost everything around us is a mixture, including the air we breathe. In some mixtures we can see the different materials; in others it is imposibleto see the different materials.
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