Simple past


You can learn verbs in simple past tense and read some examples
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Simple past
  1. Took
    1. I took my bus after the cinema
    2. Began
      1. I began my homework in the school
      2. Became
        1. I became a great teacher after my degree
        2. Lent
          1. Yesterday I lent to her my laptop
          2. Went
            1. I went to my vacation with my family
            2. Brought
              1. I brought the meals in the supermarket
              2. tought
                1. I tought about my decisions last year
                2. Felt
                  1. I felt sick in the hospital
                  2. Cought
                    1. I cought the ball in the soccer game
                    2. Ate
                      1. I ate in the restaurant
                      2. Drank
                        1. I drank my milk after my lunch
                        2. Found
                          1. I found my keys after three hours
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