Ingles remedial V


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Ingles remedial V
  1. Vocabulary
    1. Telephone language:
      1. Ex1: Put someone= transfer someone to the right person
        1. Ex2: Be cut off= be interrupted in the middle of a call
    2. Grammar
      1. Modal verbs of obligation
        1. Ex1: An action is necessary (an obligation)= have to
          1. Ex2: An action is a good idea (advice)= should
      2. UNIT 7: Distribution and delivery
        1. UNIT 8: Advertising and marketing
          1. Grammar
            1. Cause and effects
              1. Ex1: Many low cost airlines have started up recently= Air travel is more competitive nowdays
                1. Ex2: Customers see them as more like low cost airlines
            2. Vocabulary
              1. Marketing
                1. Ex1: Name used to identify a particular product or a service= Brand
                  1. Ex2: Symbol used by a company to advertise its products= Logo
            3. UNIT 9: Making arrangements
              1. Grammar
                1. Workshop
                  1. Ex1: On tuesday morning he is giving a demostration of new products
                    1. Ex2: He has a dinner at the "White Carnation"
                2. Vocabulary
                  1. Workshop
                    1. Ex1: Could we fix a time to meet?= appoint
                      1. Ex2: Would this thursday suit you?= be convenient for
                3. UNIT 10: Transport
                  1. Vocabulary
                    1. Air travel
                      1. Ex1: I was nice and early so there were no queues at the check-in desk
                        1. Ex2: I was trying all the different perfumes in the departure lounge
                    2. Grammar
                      1. Air travel
                        1. Ex1: Sarah would like to see Jeff on Sunday
                          1. Ex2: Staff should take a cheaper flight than the BA one
                    3. UNIT 11: Business a accommodation
                      1. Vocabulary
                        1. Hotel facilities
                          1. Ex1: Minibar
                            1. Ex2: Audiovisual equipment
                        2. Grammar
                          1. Hotel language
                            1. Ex1: Could i have a wake-up call tomorrow, please?= What time, sir?
                              1. Ex2: Can i dial direct= Polite
                        3. UNIT 12: Out of the office
                          1. Vocabulary
                            1. Comparative and superlative
                              1. Ex1: This hotel is better than that one
                                1. Ex2: This hotel has worst from the airport than that one
                            2. Grammar
                              1. Choosing avenue
                                1. Ex1: The most convenient place for the airport seems to be LL Kastell
                                  1. The Sunset has a new conference room than LL Kastell
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