Teorias geopoliticas - Contexto Geopolitico
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    1. States
      1. Power
        1. Power oriented
        2. Morgenthau'sTheory
          1. Laws based on human nature
            1. Political action
              1. Moral aspiration can't be identified by moral laws
              2. Anarchy
                1. The absence of government,
                2. Subschools
                  1. Max. realism
                    1. One super power
                    2. Min. Realism
                      1. Different super powers
                  2. NEOREALISM
                    1. Kenneth Waltz
                      1. Fight for resources
                        1. Structural realism
                          1. Explains behavior by states
                            1. Thinking
                              1. Interactions
                            2. Liberalism
                              1. John Locke
                                1. They believe in power, not military power, but economic and social power.
                                  1. states are the primary actors
                                    1. Their interests are multiple and changing
                                    2. Democracy
                                      1. Everyone can win
                                        1. Resources can be shared
                                        2. Goverment must look after human rights
                                        3. Neoliberalism
                                          1. Opposed to realism and neorealism
                                            1. Security:
                                              1. Health
                                                1. Welfare
                                                  1. Enviromental issues
                                                  2. Keohane & Nye
                                                    1. Neoliberalists see international institutions as a solution to conflict
                                                    2. MARXISM
                                                      1. Karl Marx
                                                        1. Unfamiliar view of world politics
                                                          1. Basic principle division of the world based on economic laws
                                                            1. Fairer societies
                                                              1. They believe that this would be made by overthrowing capitalist system
                                                            2. WORLD SYSTEM THEORY
                                                              1. Immanuel Wallerstein
                                                                1. Countries:
                                                                  1. Core
                                                                    1. Pheripheral
                                                                      1. Semi-peripheral
                                                                      2. Developed countries, explote those who aren't
                                                                        1. The way a country is integrated into the capitalist world system determines how economic development takes place in that country.
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