Southern Cooking: Main Dishes GROUP B


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Miranda  Hadëri
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Miranda  Hadëri
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Southern Cooking: Main Dishes GROUP B
  1. Comfort food
    1. Food that makes you feel at home
    2. Soul food
      1. African-Americans
      2. Hoppin' John
        1. Black-eyed peas and rice
          1. from South Carolina
            1. eaten on New Year's
            2. Cajun cooking
              1. from Louisiana, French immigrants from Canada
                1. gumbo
                  1. jambalaya
                    1. red beans and rice
                    2. fried chicken
                      1. like at KFC
                        1. it's a popular comfort food
                          1. fried chicken and waffles = soul food
                          2. origins
                            1. native americans
                              1. slaves
                                1. French people from Canada
                                2. what we'd like to try!
                                  1. KFC
                                    1. fried chicken and waffles
                                      1. jambalaya
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