UNIT 1. Learning a language


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UNIT 1. Learning a language
  1. 1. What we need to do to improve English
    1. Hard work = Time
      1. Taking a chance
        1. To think in English
          1. To listen to the sound of your own voice
            1. Reading for pleasure
              1. Watching film or series in English
                1. Go abroad
                2. 2. Learning language: Experience and expectations
                  1. 3. Addictions
                    1. New Technologies
                      1. Drugs
                        1. Exercise
                          1. Other addictions
                            1. Good addictions
                            2. 4. Body Language
                              1. Face gesture
                                1. Head position
                                  1. Way of looking
                                    1. Position of your arms
                                      1. Gestures with your hands
                                        1. Body position
                                        2. 5. Books
                                          1. 6. What it is Ok to do in class.../ What it is not OK..
                                            1. 7. Feedback/ Failures/ Mistakes
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