Current trends in CLT


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Current trends in CLT
  1. Approach
    1. Stimuli learners
      1. External
        1. Enviroment
          1. Socia Nature
          2. Internal
            1. Affective participants in the classroom
        2. Communicative competence
          1. Goal of second and foreing language teaching
            1. Core assumptions of current CLT
              1. Secod language learning is facilated when learners interacting
                1. Exercises provide opportunities for negotiate meaning
                  1. Communication is holistic
                    1. Several language skills
                    2. effective learning and communication strategies
                2. According to Jacobs and Farrell
                  1. Learner autonomy
                    1. Choise own learn
                      1. Works in groups
                    2. The Social Nature of Learning
                      1. Social and interaction with other
                      2. Curricular Integration
                        1. Text- based Learning
                          1. Explore issues
                        2. Focus on meaning
                          1. Exploration of meaning
                          2. Diversity
                            1. Use and awareness of learning strategies
                            2. Thinking Skills
                              1. Critical
                                1. Creative thinking
                                2. Alternative assesment
                                  1. Traditional Multiple choice
                                    1. Interviews
                                      1. Journals
                                    2. Teachers as co.learners
                                      1. Facilitator
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