Cargo Handling On Ships


Tips cargo handling on ships
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Cargo Handling On Ships
  1. Step 1
    1. Equipment
      1. like safety, harness safety, helmets, safety shoes.
    2. Step 2
      1. Do not Interfere with the use of a Safety Device and Understand all Safety Procedures
        1. the crew should be told of the various on-site safety devices that will protect them in case of an untoward incident
      2. Step 3
        1. Identify Shelter Positions
          1. you are well aware of the shelter options that will protect you in the case of falling cargo
        2. Step 4
          1. Securing the Cargo
            1. A secure cargo is safe cargo and it needs to be secured as soon as it is placed in the storage area.
          2. Step 5
            1. The Right use of Lifting Equipment
              1. Cargo handling on ships requires the use of lifting equipment like wire ropes, wire rope slings, hooks, forklifts, cranes etc
            2. Step 6
              1. No standing under a hoisted cargo
                1. There have been some tragic accidents all because a person was standing under a hoisted load.
              2. Step 7
                1. Entering Enclosed Spaces
                  1. he use of special equipment allows one to check for oxygen content in such places.
                2. Step 8
                  1. Importance of Proper Visibility
                    1. take the necessary steps to improve the lighting on work places
                  2. Step 9
                    1. Bulk Cargo
                      1. Close supervision is needed to ensure work safety while handling bulk cargoes
                    2. Step 10
                      1. Contact the Supervisor in case of Problems
                        1. If you feel, at any point of time, that the safety of the workplace is compromised in any way or form, it is important to contact the supervisor
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