Translation and Interpreting


theory of translation and interpreting
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Translation and Interpreting
    1. Thoroughness and accuracy
      1. drafting skills
        1. empathy
          1. The translation is done through the written word.
            1. reading comprehension
              1. research
              2. INTERPRETER
                1. good communicator
                  1. update to actual world
                    1. rapid act reacting and flexible
                      1. diplomatic
                        1. smat and intuitive
                          1. The interpreting is done through the spoken word.
                            1. Both can work in national or international organization, public or private institutions, voluntary organizations or where their skills are required.
                          2. Key translations tools
                            1. INTERNET: source for terminology
                              1. TRANSLATION MEMORIES: automatic system that saves information.
                                1. TERMINOLOGY BANKS: is a terminology data base
                                  1. DICTIONARIES: printed, on line or cd-room.
                                    1. Machine translations: system that translates automatically
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