Geographic Tongue


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Geographic Tongue
  1. Harmless condition
    1. Affecting the tongue surface
      1. Tongue
        1. missing
          1. papillae
            1. Pinkish-white projections
          2. Appear smooth red islands
            1. Patches
              1. On surface
                1. Lesions
                  1. Migrate and change size
                    1. Give a map-like appearance
                      1. can persist for months or years.
                  2. Known as Benign Migratory Glossitis
                    1. Doesn't cause problems
                      1. May Increase sensitivity
                      2. Symptoms
                        1. Smooth
                          1. Red
                            1. Irregulary
                              1. Shaped
                                1. Patches on top or side of tongue
                                2. Discomfort, pain
                                  1. burning sensation
                                    1. eating hot, spicy, salty or acidic foods
                                    2. May not present
                                      1. fever
                                      2. Causes
                                        1. unknown
                                        2. Tests and diagnosis
                                          1. Tongue examination
                                            1. lighted instrument
                                              1. move your tongue around
                                                1. palpate tongue
                                                  1. tenderness
                                                    1. tongue's texture or consistency
                                                2. Treatments and drugs
                                                  1. doesn't require
                                                    1. May recommend
                                                      1. Mouth rinses
                                                        1. Antihistamine mouth rinses
                                                          1. Corticosteroid ointments or rinses
                                                            1. benefit uncertain
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