My mind map


Mind map for entrepreneurship class.
Mind Map by Zzabhi Schoener Freytag, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by Zzabhi Schoener Freytag about 8 years ago

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My mind map
  1. About me
    1. 20 years old
      1. Born and raised in Tequisquiapan
        1. Communication and Digital Media
          1. 5th semester
        2. Hobbies
          1. Cooking
            1. Running
              1. Photography
                1. Movies
                  1. Playing/listening music
                  2. Skills
                    1. Video
                      1. Photography
                        1. Editing
                          1. Design
                            1. Working under pressure
                              1. Creative
                              2. Weaknesses
                                1. Selling
                                  1. Time organization
                                    1. Not being always on time
                                      1. Setting obtainable targets
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