Unit 1: Approaching Astronomy


syllabus design about astronomy
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Unit 1: Approaching Astronomy
  1. Learners profile
    1. Institution :Sierra Morena IED
      1. Learners: Astronomy Club students
        1. Tenth graders A1 (CEFR)
        2. Syllabus purpose
          1. Enhance reading comprehension
            1. Content Language
              1. Graphic Organizers
                1. Final product
                  1. You will apply the language related to the lesson on the video
                    1. You will record your process in a journal
                2. Description of the Intervention
                  1. Reading
                    1. Pre- Reading
                      1. Recall their previous knowledge
                        1. Matching exercise
                          1. Answering some questions about what they know and their expectations. The learners will keep a journal.
                        2. while Reading
                          1. Post-Reading
                            1. Analyzing and applying the learned concepts
                              1. Completing some graphic organizers
                                1. show
                                2. Sky observation
                                  1. Registering the observations on a KWL chart
                                3. Reporting what they read
                                  1. Answering questions
                                4. Assessment
                                  1. Create a video with the conclusions
                                    1. You will use the language learned from the reading
                                      1. You will tell what you have observed
                                      2. The learners will assess themselves
                                        1. Monitoring themselves using a journal
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