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Juan José Torres
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Juan José Torres
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  1. The new media
    1. Digital, manipulated, networkable, dense, compressible, and interactive technologies.
    2. Prosumer
      1. Consumers particpating in the creation of products
      2. The web generation
        1. The new generation that is related strongly with the World Wide Web
        2. Viral content
          1. Frquently shared content in a short period of time
          2. Social media
            1. Online communication channels
              1. Facebook
            2. Blogs
              1. Is a frequently updated online personal journal
                1. Blogger
              2. Discussion websites
                1. It is a site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages of any topic
                  1. FUDforum
                2. Web conferences
                  1. Real-time collaboration where users see the same screen, or conferences and seminars that can be seen anytime
                    1. TED
                  2. Personal and work databases
                    1. Collection of information that is organized, accesed, managed and updated
                    2. Community manager
                      1. Someone who controls the social media issues of a company
                      2. Audio and video streaming
                        1. Audio/video available in the internet in anytime as an alternative to downloads
                          1. Netflix
                        2. Podcast
                          1. Digital medium that consists of an episodic series of audio
                          2. Cinematics
                            1. The art of making mortion pictures
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