activities of interest for short and long holidays in Ecuador


Ecuador is one of those destinations that surprises travelers and locals alike with its shockingly unspoiled atmosphere. Canoa is a pleasant, laid-back fishing village on the Pacific coast of Ecuador in the Manabi province.
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activities of interest for short and long holidays in Ecuador
  1. Ecuador is a fabulous, family-sized playground
    1. Surf- Canoa´s beach Canoa´s beach is perfectly designed for practice the surf in its big waves.
      1. here are adventure activities – from kayaking and snorkelling to zip lining and biking – plus wildlife-filled forests, llama farms and beaches
        1. Experience incredible wildlife and photography opportunities with near-tame animals Enjoy fantastic on-board service with experienced and engaging naturalist guides
          1. ENJOY YOUR VACATIONS IN CANOAS´S BEACH BY THREE DAYS AND TWO NIGHTS Discover the adventure and the beautiful place and beach in Canoa. The FORUM Travel Agency provide the best option in the holidays in Ecuador
            1. THE GASTRONOMY The food is another highlight of Canoa, since the province of Manabi in general is well-known for its exquisite cuisine and delicious food. The specialty of this place is seafood, often accompanied by grilled plantains and peanut salt, a true delicacy.
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