Hotel Positions


as you can see the positions of the employees on a hotel
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Hotel Positions
  1. Guest Service/Entry Level
    1. Front Desk Clerks: As the name implies, these employees man the reception area, which is the first place guests go when they arrive at a hotel. As a front desk clerk you'll need to verify a guest's reservation. If the guest doesn't have a reservation, you'll need to check room availability.
      1. Porters: These employees also used to be called bellhops, and in some hotels they still are. They usually dress in uniform, so that guests recognize that they are employees of the hotel.
        1. Concierges: At full service and high end or luxury hotels, concierges are available to act as liaisons with guests. If a guest needs a specific service, such as a babysitter, the guest can contact the concierge, who will coordinate the execution of this service. Other services the concierges assist with include making arrangements for dry cleaning and laundry, purchasing show tickets, and making reservations at local restaurants.
          1. Housekeeping: Nothing reflects worse on a hotel than dirty rooms or an unclean lobby area. Hotels rely on repeat business, and guests usually won't return to a hotel they think is dirty.
            1. Maintenance A hotel maintenance person will ensure that just about everything in the hotel is in proper working order. Daily tasks may include changing light bulbs, removing waste and painting.
            2. Advanced Positions
              1. Supervisor of Guest Services: As the supervisor of guest services, you may be responsible for hiring staff members that provide housekeeping services, front desk personnel, reservations coordinators, or concierges. All of these duties depend on what kind of hotel you are working for and the structure it has in place.
                1. Front Desk Supervisor: The front desk supervisor manages the front desk workers. You may need to hire, fire, or discipline these workers.
                  1. Housekeeping Supervisor: If you've worked for several years as a housekeeper, you may be able to be promoted to supervisor. In this position you may be in charge of hiring housekeepers and training them.
                    1. Administrative
                      1. Marketing and Advertising: The marketing and advertising coordinator is in charge of promoting the hotel to the community through various advertising channels, depending on the marketing and advertising budget.
                        1. Accounting: Accounting staff members are in charge of making sure that the hotel is properly recording all of its income and expenses, paying its bills, taxes, and employees.
                          1. Purchasing: Purchasing employees look at the usage of items used for running the hotel and make sure there are plenty of those items in stock to meet guests' needs.
                            1. Event Planner: Many hotels have conference rooms, ballrooms, dining halls, or other spaces that they rent out to businesses and individuals for events such as weddings, seminars, and similar occasions.
                              1. Assistant Hotel Manager: The assistant manager performs administrative work for the manager, overseeing a lot of the operations and also compiling and preparing a lot of the reports and budgets the hotel uses.
                                1. Hotel Manager: The hotel manager is usually where the "buck stops." He or she is ultimately in charge of all aspects of the running of the hotel. If the hotel is getting fewer guest visits, the manager will need to explain what caused this drop and have a plan in place to recover the income.
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