Components of the language


This is a Mind Map that explein the principal components in a lenguage.
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Components of the language
  1. The language is a system o communication
    1. It is divided in this elements
      1. Syntax
        1. The correct order of the senteces
        2. Phonology
          1. Speech sounds
            1. Organization of sounds
              1. The sounds are organized in phonemes
                1. Vowel phonemes
                  1. Consonant phonemes
                    1. Place of articulation
                      1. Articulation mode
                        1. Position of the vocal cords
                          1. Voice
                            1. Voiceless
                  2. Semantics
                    1. Meaning of words
                      1. Word
                        1. Unit basic in a language
                        2. Interpretation
                          1. associations that a word evokes
                      2. Pragmatics
                        1. Use of the language in a specific situation
                          1. Depending of
                            1. The speaker
                              1. The contex
                                1. the object
                                2. Human action and thought
                                  1. Interaction
                                    1. Speaker
                                      1. Listener
                                3. Morphology
                                  1. formation and structure of the words
                                    1. Morpheme
                                      1. Is the smallest unit of a language
                                        1. affixes
                                          1. prefix
                                            1. It is in the begining
                                            2. suffix
                                              1. It is in the end
                                      2. Sociolinguistics
                                        1. relationship between language and society
                                        2. Psycholinguistics
                                          1. psychology of language
                                            1. language acquisition
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