Language and Culture


Language and culture
Zaira Tristancho
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Language and Culture
  1. Different ways to get communicate
    1. Fire
      1. Symbols
        1. Drawings
          1. Alphabet
          2. Language is considered as a sociocultural resource
            1. Social relationships
              1. Express feelings
                1. Daily life
                  1. Social practice
                    1. "Culture may be defined as what a society does"
                      1. Accepted and patterned ways of behavior of a given people
                      2. Language teaching is culture teaching
                        1. Diverse evolutionary adaptations
                          1. Something that we acquired
                            1. Culture creates and solves problems
                              1. Cultural awareness is necessary
                                1. as a code
                                  1. Made up of words
                                    1. Series of rules that connect words together.
                                    2. Theories of learning
                                      1. Behaviourism
                                        1. Cognitive theories
                                          1. Sociocultural theories
                                            1. Merged theories
                                              1. Acquisition and participation
                                              2. The intercultural dimension
                                                1. Language is the heart of teaching and learning
                                                  1. Learn a Language is learn a Culture
                                                    1. It's important to teach culture
                                                      1. It's a way to know more about a culture
                                                      2. Closely related with language
                                                        1. It's used to construct socioculture words
                                                          1. Verbal expression of culture
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