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    1. Finally
      1. Finalmente
        1. Finally, pet pigs are fantastic guards. No burglar would ever have the heart to hurt a pet pig.
      2. On the other hand
        1. Por otra parte
        2. On the one hand
          1. Por una parte
            1. On the one hand, you complain that you're lonely, and on the other hand you won't come to parties with me.
          2. On top of that
            1. Además
              1. We missed the bus, and on top of that it started raining.
            2. Moreover
              1. Además
                1. Moreover, small particles do not seem to exist in the water until it is broken up; so far as we can see, the material of the water is continuous not granular
              2. What's more
                1. Lo que es más
                  1. He stood me up and left me standing in the rain; what's more, I broke a heel trying to hail a cab.
                2. In addition to
                  1. Además de
                    1. In addition to soul music, she likes rap
                  2. In addition
                    1. Además
                      1. In addition, the posting of the case was late
                    2. Apart from
                      1. Aparte de
                        1. ‘Apart from English, she speaks French’
                      2. Besides
                        1. Además
                          1. Besides, she was as hungry as she was exhausted
                      3. CLAUSES OF CONTRAST
                        1. though
                          1. aunque
                            1. Even though he's very old, he's healthy.
                          2. On the contrary
                            1. Por el contrario
                            2. Despide
                              1. A pesar de
                                1. He arrived on time despite / in spite of getting up late’
                              2. instead of
                                1. En vez de
                                  1. He took the bus instead a car
                                2. All the same
                                  1. A pesar de todo
                                    1. All the same, he was the one who broke the embrace.
                                  2. whereas
                                    1. mientras
                                      1. ‘This film is very interesting, whereas that one is quite boring’
                                    2. Nevertheless
                                      1. No Obstante
                                        1. ‘He was quite ill however/ nevertheless/ even so, he went to school’
                                      2. While
                                        1. mientras
                                          1. She was advised by him to go abroad while she was still young.
                                        2. although
                                          1. aunque
                                            1. He now knew there were five of us although no other information was conveyed to him.
                                          2. however
                                            1. Sin embargo
                                              1. She was so excited about going shopping however her father appeared and she didnt go anywhere
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