What is Marketing ?
Ernesto Gtz.
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  1. Marketing Processes
    1. Product Orientation
      1. Sales Orientation
        1. Market Orientation
          1. Societal Marketing Orientation
          2. Activity and processes that create value for customers, clients and partners.
            1. One desired outcome of marketing
            2. Organization's Focus
              1. Sales
                1. Market Orientation
                  1. Organization's Focus
                    1. The Firm's Business
                      1. Those to whom the product is directed
                        1. The Firm's primary goal
                          1. Tools to achieve goals
                            1. Make a profit by creating customer value
                            2. Specific groups of people to target
                            3. Benefits customers seek
                            4. Customer Value
                              1. Customer Satisfaction and build relationships
                            5. Why Marketing should be studied
                              1. Thanks to marketing the society can fill its needs
                                1. People in all business areas need to be able to communicate with specialists
                                  1. It offers outstanding career opportunities
                                    1. Plays a major role in our everyday life
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