SAB7#39 Define Scope process


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Raúl Ladrón de Gueva
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SAB7#39 Define Scope process
  1. Collect Requirements
    1. Project
      1. It's included
        1. Not included
        2. Planning Process
          1. Calendar
            1. Budget
              1. Fail/If Pass
                1. We continue the process
                  1. Balancing the requirements
              2. Iteration Process
                1. Objectives of reach
                  1. Time
                    1. Project Cost
                      1. Understanding Programming
                        1. Identification of alternatives
                          1. Realistic timetable and a better estimation
                            1. Truth Project
                              1. Plan Updates Scope
                          2. Product Analysis
                            1. Determination of project deliverables
                            2. Project Scope Statement
                              1. Analysis
                                1. Product Range
                                  1. Submission
                                    1. Acceptance criteria
                                      1. Waste Project
                                        1. Restrictions
                                      1. That work is going to do/That work is not going to
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