Theories of Teaching in Language Teaching


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Theories of Teaching in Language Teaching
  1. Science-Research Conceptions
    1. Operationalizing Learning Principles: Involves research on memory transfer motivation and others factors. Audiolingualism, Task-Based Language Teaching and Learner Training are good examples in this matter. A succesfully learning process could be done if three elements are identified: Stimulus, Response and Reinforcement
      1. Following a tested model of teaching: Apply the results of empirical or experimental research to teaching. ¨A view of good teaching is developed through logical reasoning and previous research; good teaching is defined in terms of specific acts¨.
        1. Doing what effectives teachers do: In order to develop appropriate theories of teaching we must consider theories from effectives teachers. Here are some of the characteristics of a succesful teacher: Instruction is guided by a preplanned curriculum, Instruction is clear and focused, Standards for classroom behavior are high, Personal interactions between teachers and students are positive and so others.
        2. Theory-Philosophy Conceptions
          1. Theory-Based Approaches: It is based in the logical argumentation, in the systematic and principled thinking rather than empirical investigation.Some examples in this regard are: Communicative Language Teaching and the Silent Way. The first of this examples arose as a reaction to grammar-based approaches to teaching realized in teaching materials, syllabuses, and teaching methods in the 1960s. In the other hand the Silent Way is derived from a linguistic theory as from a learning theory.
            1. Values-Based Approaches: Is develop a teaching model from the values one holds about teachers, learners, classrooms, and the role of education in society. This leads to certain approaches to teching being viewed as politically justifiable and others seen as not morally, ethically, or politically supportable, for example, ¨team teaching¨, ¨humanistic approaches¨, ¨learner-centered curriculum¨ and ¨reflective teaching¨. A very common example is when the teacher improves the quality of their own teaching by reflecting critically on their teaching experiences
            2. Art-Craft Conceptions
              1. This point of view analizes the teaching process as something that depends on the teacher´s individual skiill and personality. According to this ¨a good teacher is a persona who assess the needs and possibilities of a situation and creates and uses practices that have promise for that situation¨. It is a unique set of personal skills that teachers apply in different ways according to the demands of specific situation. There are no general methods of teaching.
                1. Teachers should develop an approach that allows them to be themselves and do what they feel is best. In this regard a good teacher have to analize the situation, realize that a range of options is available based on the particular class circumstances.
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