Domestic violence in english


Violencia domestica
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Domestic violence in english
  1. Psychological problems
    1. Provide psychological treatment to people who were victims of abuse with rudeness, insults or undertimation of the person.
    2. Financial abuse
      1. Provide protection and security to the person by the state, so that person who extorted financially to the person, won't do it again
      2. Physical problems
        1. Provide immediate medical attention to people who were abused psychologically to prevent future problems
        2. Psychologic trauma for the children
          1. The state may provide a social worker that help the children
          2. Spread the violence in the relationships with others
            1. Provide personal rehabilitation for the person with problems because can be dangerous for the other
            2. Abuse againt the women
              1. Provide easy ways to report violencenfor the women who have been abused and hurt for their couple
              2. Psychological abuse
                1. Organizations should do programs to help people who are going through this situatio
                2. Personal safety
                  1. Programs were the people that suffer this problems giiving madical assistan is it's need
                  2. Financial abuse
                    1. To solve this problem the law needs to provide a economic support to each member of the family
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