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  1. Theory
    1. Characteristics
      1. Example
    2. Expectancy Theory
      1. Focus on achievable goals
        1. Sales Revenue
      2. Perquisites
        1. Special Reward
          1. Parking Space, corner office
        2. Fringe Benefits
          1. Standar Benefits
            1. Social Security, Profit Sharing
          2. McGregor Motivational Theory ( X and Y )
            1. Employees are incapable, they avoid responsability
              1. PM must check and release all the work performed by the team
              2. Team work want independence in work, they are responsable
                1. PM just watch and act if something goes wrong
              3. Maslow Theory
                1. Pyramid of needs
                  1. Feeding, Security, Self Esteem,
                2. McClelland Theory of Needs ( Power, Affiliation, Achievement )
                  1. Control in the company, look for approval rather than recognition, look for challenging projects
                    1. High responsability level, results recognition
                  2. Herzberg Theory
                    1. Hygene Factors and Motivating Agents
                      1. Good work conditions and relation with bosses and coleagues
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