Meaning, thought and reality


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Meaning, thought and reality
  1. denote: is used for the relationsip between a linguistic expression aand the world
    1. refer: is used for the action of a speaker in picking out entities in the world
      1. referential: basic permise is that we can give the meaning of words and sentences by showing how they relate to situations
        1. possession: in english the person possesses the disease
          1. location: the person is the location of disease
            1. nominals:is the linguistic unit wich most clearly reveals this function of language
              1. deixis: term from greek meaning roughly "pointing", as a label for words whose denotational capability to obiously needs contextual support
                1. referent: of an expression for the thing picked out by uttering the expression in a paticular context
                  1. extension: of an expresion is the set of things which could posibily be the referent of that expression
                    1. quantifiers: a class of words that in english includes.- each, all, every, some, none, no.
                      1. prototypes: model of concepts which views them as strutured so that there are central or typical members of a category
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