A life faithful to the word. Mennonites in Costa Rica


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A life faithful to the word. Mennonites in Costa Rica
  1. Lifestyle
    1. Women
      1. Respect their husbands, raise children, take care of their family.
        1. Must wear a dress that covers all their bodies and a white cap on their heads. Short hair, make-up, earrings, chains, wrist-watches, colorful, tight or semi-transparent fabrics are forbidden. They cannot paint their nails.
      2. Men
        1. They take care of their wives, provide for the material and spiritual needs of the family.
          1. Wear black hats, long trousers and long sleeve shirts with buttons. Chains, rings, wrist-watches, shorts, T-shirts, caps and ties are forbidden.
        2. Live without a radio, T.V and their clothing is neves out of fashion. They consider as a corrupting influences
        3. Worship
          1. Men's hats are left hanging on the temple walls.
            1. Women sit on the left side of the church, and men take a sit on the right-hand side.
              1. They starts with three songs sung a capella
              2. Spiritual life
                1. Avoid alcoholic drinks, cigarretes and another drugs. Entertaiments such as sports, movies, betting, literature, music and dance
                  1. Strict adherence to the norms of the Bible
                    1. The family is the center of the community
                      1. During courtship, the young couple cannot have any kind of physical contact.
                      2. Education
                        1. They have their own schools.
                          1. Each congregationhas its own school but none of them is approved by the MEP
                            1. A few young Mennonites aspire to a University degree.
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