Body cavities


This is a mind map of the human cavities, the to most important and the divisions
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Body cavities
  1. spaces in the body that help protect, separate and support internal organs.
    1. The ventral cavity
      1. Thoracic
        1. is formed by the ribs, the chest muscles, the sternum, and the thoracic portion of the vertebral column. Within the thoracic cavity are the pericardial cavity, which is a fluid filled space that surrounds the heart, and two pleural cavities. Each pleural cavity surrounds one lung and contains a small amount of fluid. The central part of the thoracic cavity is called the mediastinum
        2. Abdominal
          1. Is the superior part that contains the stomach, spleen, liver, gallbladder, small intestine, and most of the large intestine.
          2. Pelvic
            1. Is the inferior part that contains the urinary bladder, portions of the large intestine, and internal organs of the reproductive system.
          3. The dorsal cavity
            1. Cranial
              1. is formed by the cranial bones and contains the brain
              2. Vertebral cavities
                1. Is formed by the vertebral column and contains the spinal cord.
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