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mind-map of romania
Juan Pablo Dueña
Mind Map by Juan Pablo Dueña, updated more than 1 year ago
Juan Pablo Dueña
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    1. While the majority of women work outside the home
      1. women tend to occupy lower-level positions and generally in traditional female fields
        1. By new industries more jobs, more positions in different jobs women can occupy
          1. Romania remains beeing a male-dominated society
          2. POPULATION
            1. in 2000 was near 22 million people
              1. 90% Romanian, 7% are Hungrain, 2% Rome and the reast form UK,Germany, ETC
                1. there was a tax for leaving the country
                  1. By globalization a lot of people form third world countries live now in romania
                    1. Romania adopt the policies of the rest of european countries so now there is no more a tax
                      1. A lot of Romanian people feel very proud about living there
                        1. improving life conditions so people feel good about staying
                        2. ETHNIC GROUPS
                          1. parts of the region still have an ethnic Hungarian majority.
                            1. Roma people still are a big part of population
                              1. By globalization many ethnic gropus have left for better conditions
                                1. New Ethnic grups have been created
                                  1. Roma ethnic gruop dont have the enough resources to go to another countries
                                    1. ethnic gruops find refuge from the war in romania
                                    2. FOOD
                                      1. Breakfast is usually a small meal of bread with butter and jam and tea
                                        1. The largest meal is eaten in the early afternoon
                                          1. Food from other countries is now eat by the romanians
                                            1. The traditions are changing
                                              1. A lot of restaurants are preserving the traditional food of romania
                                                1. Also people still like eating at home, continuing the traditions in some regions
                                                2. ECONOMY AND CLASSES
                                                  1. 22 percent of the population live under the line of poverty
                                                    1. nationalized economy system
                                                      1. poor economy
                                                        1. new opportunities have been created, new major industries enter into de country
                                                          1. There are still a big percent of national industries in Romania
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