Light and Sound


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Light and Sound
  1. Sound
    1. Light
      1. Characteristics of the light
        1. Light can have an specific colour or white colour
          1. The light of white colour is done by the mixture of primary colours
            1. Blue
              1. Green
                1. Red
              2. How does the light travel?
                1. Light travels in all directions
                  1. Light travels in straight lines
                2. What is the light?
                  1. The light is a form of energy
                  2. Where is the light produced?
                    1. The light is produced by luminous objects.
                      1. There are two kind of light sources
                        1. Natural light source
                          1. For example
                            1. Sun
                              1. Stars
                                1. Glow Worm
                              2. Artificial light source
                                1. For example
                                  1. Flashlights
                                    1. Bulbs
                            2. The materials and the light
                              1. Opaque materials
                                1. Don't allow
                                  1. The light
                                    1. To pass through them
                                  2. We cannot see
                                    1. Objects
                                      1. Through them
                                  3. Translucent materials
                                    1. Allow
                                      1. Some light
                                        1. To pass through them
                                      2. We can see
                                        1. Objects
                                          1. Through them
                                            1. But not clearly
                                      3. Transparent materials
                                        1. Allow
                                          1. The light
                                            1. To pass through them
                                          2. We can see CLEARLY
                                            1. The objects
                                              1. Through them
                                        2. Light's properties
                                          1. Refraction
                                            1. The light's direction change
                                              1. When the light passes from one material to another
                                            2. Reflection
                                              1. When the light shines on
                                                1. An opaque object
                                                  1. It reflects
                                                    1. So we can see the object
                                                  2. A mirror
                                                    1. It reflects
                                                      1. In the same direction
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