Business Process


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Mar Ro
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Business Process
  1. Is any organization
    1. that create results of value
    2. are transformed into
      1. goods
        1. business
          1. services
          2. Type of business
            1. Proprietorship
              1. Partnership
                1. Corporation
                2. Type of companies
                  1. Manufacturing
                    1. Information company
                      1. Financial company
                        1. Real estate company
                          1. Retail-trade company
                            1. Service company
                            2. Functional organization of a company
                              1. The strategic level
                                1. Vision
                                  1. Misison
                                  2. Responsibility of the management
                                    1. Goals
                                      1. Objetive
                                      2. Role of business management
                                        1. Requirements
                                          1. Expectations
                                          2. management at operational level
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