Connective Tissue


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Connective Tissue
  1. classification
    1. dense fibrous
      1. blood
        1. bone
          1. lymph
            1. loose fibrous
              1. reticular
                1. cartilage
                  1. adipose tissue
                  2. functions
                    1. Binding and supporting.
                      1. Protecting
                        1. Transporting substances within the body.
                          1. Insulating
                            1. . Immune Protection
                            2. characteristics
                              1. Has cells that are widely separated by a matrix
                                1. The ground substance is the component of the connective tissue
                                  1. Each major type of connective tissue contains an immature class of cell
                                    1. It has three main components: cells, fibers, and ground substance.
                                      1. classified into two subtypes: soft and specialized connective tissue
                                        1. It typically has cells scattered
                                        2. examples
                                          1. fat
                                            1. fibrous tissues
                                              1. cartilage
                                                1. bone marrow
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