Attitudes to Family

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A2 Religion and Contemporary Society (Attitudes to sex, marriage & the family)

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Attitudes to Family
2.1 Traditional
2.1.1 Inclusion in the 10 Commandments "Honour your father and your mother" ~ (Exodus 20:12)
2.1.2 Special two-way relationship with parents Parents must care for children properly, teach them how to live well, and bring them up in a Christian household and be baptised "Parents, never drive your children to resent you but bring them up well and guide them as God would want." ~St. Paul In return children must respect their parents and obey them until they are adults themselves "Children be obedient to your parents for this is your duty" ~St. Paul
2.1.3 Family created by God Basis for society and only place for children to be raised
2.1.4 Helps christianity grow
2.1.5 Extended
2.1.6 Nuclear
2.2 Single Parent
2.2.1 If widowed only
3.1 Families in the UK are no longer solely made up of married parents living with their children in a nuclear structured family: many families nowadays consist of a number of non-traditional structures such as...
3.1.1 Single-parent
3.1.2 Extended
3.1.3 Reconstituted
3.1.4 Or even more complex: cohabiting parents, stepfamilies, etc.
3.1.5 There is a decline in marriage, rise in cohabitation, new forms of family composition, and the delay of parenthood.
3.2 Only 28% said they believed that married couples make better parents.
3.2.1 “For me a big part of it was the children. I didn't want them to be asked at school why their parents weren't married. I suppose you could say that was me feeling a slight pressure to conform to social norms, but if I hadn't wanted to get married in the first place I definitely wouldn't have done it.” ~Chris (parent before marriage)
3.3 2 in 5 of all marriages are now remarriages, which makes stepfamilies one of the fastest growing family forms in Britain, currently 1 in 10 of all families.
3.3.1 This is all often due to different working locations, especially since women are now more career focused, also leading women to have children later in life.
3.4 Family helps us gain a sense of self or identity- likeness, names, values, etc.
4.1 Traditional
4.1.1 Homosexuality is forbidden, even less acceptable is the suggestion that they might deliberately arrange to have children by some means and bring them up. Whereas any person volunteering to take care of an orphan or a child in distress is highly recommended, the suggestion that homosexuals might deliberately engineer some way of having babies is regarded as an abuse of that child’s human rights by depriving them of a ‘normal’ upbringing and by affecting the child mentally and emotionally.
4.1.2 Children seen as a gift from God Muslims will be judged on how well they have brought up their children
4.1.3 Qur'an teaches that the family was created by God as the only place where children should be brought up
4.1.4 Muhammed married and raised a family, so Muslims should follow in his example.
4.1.5 Polygyny (up to 4 wives)
4.2 The family is where children learn the difference between right and wrong, without family there would be much evil in the world.
4.3 Family at heart of Islamic society
4.3.1 A harmonious social order is created by the existence of extended families Children are treasured and rarely leave home until they are married and grow up to be good, faithful Muslims Encourages care for each other and influence of different generations
4.4 Mother responsible for teaching right and wrong.
4.5 Father responsible for taking boys to mosque
4.6 Worldwide Islamic community is a family (Ummah)
4.7 Extended
4.8 Nuclear
4.9 Reconstituted
4.9.1 After remarriage
5.1 Traditional
5.1.1 Family is central Parents are needed to give something different to the children and be there in tens of their emotional, religious, educational, social and material needs. Parents need to be able to give children 'quality time' "A man cannot live without a woman, a woman cannot live without a man, and the two of them cannot live without the presence of God." ~(Berachat 9:1) And from their union comes possibility to fulfil the first mitzvah: ""Be fertile and increase..." (Gen. 1:18)
5.1.2 Jews are called "the children of Israel" and God is the "father" which echoes into Jewish family lifestyle
5.1.3 Many aspire to have large families just as Abraham was promised “Look up at the heavens and count the stars- if indeed you can count them… So shall your offspring be.” Genesis 15:5
5.1.4 Role of Jewish family in the education of their children is vital "to educate a child without including the entire family is like attempting to heat a home with all the windows open" ~Rabbi A.J. Heschel Normally extended families are highly encouraged "Impress them (God's words) upon your children..." ~Deuteronomy
5.1.5 Extended
5.1.6 Nuclear
5.2 Reconstituted
5.2.1 After remarriage
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