The Middle Ages - Why were doctors still reading Galen in 1350?

Greta Westwood
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Mind Map on The Middle Ages - Why were doctors still reading Galen in 1350?, created by Greta Westwood on 05/21/2013.

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Greta Westwood
Created by Greta Westwood over 6 years ago
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The Middle Ages - Why were doctors still reading Galen in 1350?
1 Trade/Communication
1.1 Dangerous to travel
1.2 Trade was disrupted
1.2.1 less ideas shared
1.3 Doctors couldn't share ideas
1.4 If there were no new ideas , people stuck with what they knew
1.4.1 Galen
2 Education
2.1 Priests and Monks often were the only ones who could read
2.2 Monastries had the only libraries
2.3 Doctors were trained by the church
2.3.1 So they followed Galen
2.4 Students weren't expected to think for themselves
2.4.1 They just followed Galen
2.6 Physicians often used a handbook called 'vade mecum' - Latin for 'Go with me'
2.6.1 These manuals include Urine Charts Physicians could analyse patient's urine to help them diagnose illness
2.6.2 Or Zodiac Charts - helps physician know when to avoid certain treatments
2.6.3 As learning increased during 12th Century
3 Religion
3.1 Christianity was religion of Roman Empire
3.2 Church supported Galen's ideas
3.2.1 Fitted with the belief that God designed the body
3.3 Galen's books were kept in the church's libraries
3.4 After empire collapsed - the church got stronger
3.4.1 Was the only strong centralised organisation left
3.5 Had a huge influence
3.5.1 Was a church in every town Told people what to believe
3.6 Taught people to respect old books
3.6.1 Such as the Bible and Galen's books
3.6.2 Old ideas should be respected Some dissection was allowed BUT only by proving that Galen was right NOT trying to challenge him
3.7 It was very DANGEROUS to disobey the Church
4 Government
4.1 No strong central government
4.1.1 Lots of little countries
4.2 Didn't think medicine was important
4.2.1 Focused on war and defence Not paying for doctors or research
4.3 Only controlled small areas
4.3.1 So new ideas didn't spread
5 War
5.1 Lots of War between tribes/ little countries
5.2 Disrupted trade/communication
5.3 Expensive so no money for doctors
5.4 Disrupted education
5.4.1 and new technology that might advance medicine
5.5 Training of doctors was abandoned

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