Impact of Churchill

Rio Bayley
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Mind Map on Impact of Churchill, created by Rio Bayley on 05/21/2013.

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Impact of Churchill
1 Extreme Imperialist
1.1 Very anti-reform, likes the empire as it is
2 Strong views on race
3 Sees India as 'Jewel in the crown'
3.1 Crown = empire, Jewel= India
3.1.1 Saw India as most important country in the empire Valued India as he believed that ruling India made the empire look good
4 Very Patriotic
5 Conservative
6 Maverick
6.1 Bend the rules
6.2 Holds strong opinions
6.3 Different and proud of it
7 When he is appointed, SoSI resigns
7.1 SoSI knew his opinions would clash with Churchill's
7.1.1 No point staying in position, will never be able to negotiate with Churchill
8 1940 Offer
8.1 Offers Indians dominion status after war
8.1.1 Rejected by Congress - wanted purna swaraj Churchill possibly did this on purpose - knew congress would reject it, makes it look like Congress are being awkward whereas Brits are trying to help

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