King Lear Tragedy

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King Lear Tragedy
1 Harmatia - a fatal flaw in the character: Lear's blindness
1.1 Aristotle said a person "who is not eminently good or just, yet whose fortune is brought about by some error or frailty"
2 Senican Tragedy elemnents
2.1 Use of stock characters; a faithful male servant
2.1.1 Greek mythology - blood and lust
3 Elizabethan Tradegy
3.1 Became unique to Elizabethan tragedy - most horrors are executed off stage and reported by a messenger - Gloucester's blinding
4 Chronicle/ Morality Play
5 Catharisis - the process of releasing compressed feeling or purging
6 Peripeteia
6.1 A reversal of fortune/ a change in circumstances
7 Agnorisis
7.1 A moment when the character sees more clearly than before/ a critical discovery
8 A Chorus
8.1 A group of characters that commented on the action (Horatio in Hamelt) Possibly Kent, but he is involved in action
9 Hubris
9.1 Excessive pride and brought to doom. Think they are better than the Gods
10 Pathos
10.1 A quality that evokes pity or sadness

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