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Islam 1
1 Marriage
1.1 Do not beleive in forced marriages
1.2 Arranged marriages are ok
1.3 Mahr-husband pays wife a dowry
1.4 Polygamy-Men can marry up to 4 wives
1.5 Wali-A marriage representative
1.6 Walimah-Party after the wedding
1.7 Nikkah-The wedding contract
2 Allah
2.1 Tawhid-Belief in oneness+unity of God
2.2 Omniscient-All knowing
2.3 Omnipotent-All powerful
2.4 Omnipresent-Everywhere
2.5 The only god
2.6 99 names of God
2.6.1 The Lord
2.6.2 The Creator
2.6.3 The Almighty
3 Birth Rites
3.1 Say the Hadith-the teachings based on the the life of the prophet
3.2 The Tahnik-Placing something sweet in the babies mouth
3.3 The New baby is welcomed to the Ummah-communtiy of Muslims
3.4 Khirtan-circumstision
3.5 Aqiqah-the naming ceremony
3.6 Adhan-call to prayer
3.7 Iqamah-the command to rise and worship
4 Funeral Rites
4.1 Cremation is forbidden
4.2 They bury the body as quickly as possible-24hr
4.3 Don't use a coffin, buried facing Mekkah
4.4 They see suicide as wrong and disrespectful
4.5 Very rare to have a gravestone
4.5.1 Yawm Uddin-the day of judgement
4.6 Jahannam-hel
4.6.1 al Janna-when someone goes to pradise/heaven

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