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mind map about adjectives

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1 An adjective is a word that modifies a noun or a pronoun.
2 An adjective may be
2.1 Proper adjective
2.1.1 It is an adjective formed from a proper noun. It always begins with capital letter. Example Korean people
2.2 Common adjective
2.2.1 It gives a general trait to the words they modify. Example Skinny jeans
3 Characteristics of adjectives
3.1 Morphological
3.1.1 Some of them have inflection -er and -est in comparison. Derivation with affixes: (a-, -y, -ful, less, -able, -ic (al)). Invariable words (for gender, case and number). Example prettier, tallest, unfaithful, useless, two
3.2 Notional
3.2.1 They qualify things, people and states. Some can have different degrees: Gradable They provide a scalar degree and also, they can take degree modifiers. Example a very expensive house Non-gradable Non-gradable adjectives do not take modifiers of degree. Example Phonetic Stative They denote a state Example Old Dynamic Denote an action or getting to a state. They can appear in the predicative position with the imperative and progressive forms of "to be". Example careful, be careful Inherent This adjective characterizes the referent of the noun directly. Example a red lipstick Non-inherent Do not characterize the referent of the noun directly. Example a new pet
3.3 Functional
3.3.1 They can have an attributive or predicative function and position.
4 Syntactic functions of adjectives
4.1 Attributive
4.1.1 They can pre-modify the head of a noun phrase Example a little boy
4.2 Predicative
4.2.1 They appear after a linking verb. Example The dog smells bad
4.3 Postpositive
4.3.1 They inmediately follow the noun or pronoun they modify. Compound indefinite pronouns and adverbs can only be modify postpositively. Example accounts payable
5 Placement and order of adjectives
5.1 When we use more than one adjective, it is important to know the order in which the adjective must be.
5.1.1 NOSASCOMP Number Example Two watches Opinion Example Two beautiful watches Size Example Two beautiful big watches Age Example Two beautiful big old watches Shape Example Two beautiful big old round watches Color Example Two beautiful big old round brown watches Origin Example Two beautiful big old round brown Salvadorean watches Material Example Two beautiful big old round brown Salvadorean leather watches Purpose Example Two beautiful big old round brown Salvadorean leather fashion watches
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