foul facts about victorian towns!

Lola Frias
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Mind Map on foul facts about victorian towns!, created by Lola Frias on 05/22/2013.

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Lola Frias
Created by Lola Frias over 6 years ago
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foul facts about victorian towns!
1 pollution
1.1 alll factories were powered by coal burning steam ENGINES plus coal in houses
2 rubish
2.1 in many towns there were no rubish sistem so all teh rubish was in the streets!
3 sewers
3.1 there was no place for do this so they just put it anywhere in side the water so many diseases were spread
4 damp
4.1 houses fpr the poor were always really badly built
5 poor ventilation
5.1 houses really close toguether so really bad ventilation


  • also bacteria was spread really easily
6 drinking water
6.1 most people did not have a cistern so drank water from rivers they usually get cholera
7 hygine
7.1 thought it was good not to wash

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