Heroes: Larry LaSalle

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Heroes: Larry LaSalle
1 There is a mystery surrounding his departure from New York and his relocation to Frenchtown: "We knew little about him, however, and he discouraged questions"
2 Larry LaSalle is considered a hero before the war, to the children, and to everyone else for receiving a Silver Star: "He was our champion"
3 He shows no remorse for raping Nicole "He was at the door... whistling a tune"
4 He was intimidating due to his status & he abused his power: "But Larry LaSalle told me to go"
5 He tries to prevent Francis from killing him & reassures him that he is still a hero and ends up killing himself instead of allowing Francis doing, thus making sure Francis didn't have any burning guilt to worry about in the future: "You couldn't have stopped me anyway, Francis. You were just a child"
5.1 But the question is - did he kill himself so he could die with dignity? Or did he die because he couldn't bear being crippled for the rest of his life?
6 Even towards the end, he doesn't show any guilt for raping "the sweet young things"
7 Larry supports Francis during the table tennis competition and allows him to win instead of humiliating him: "You made it possible. You let me win"
8 He shows physical attributes that heroes hold: "...his dazzling smile"
9 He wants to be looked at like he is a hero again: "If I could have one thing, it would be that you look at me the way you did at the Wreck Centre. When I was your hero"

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