"What does Cormier have to say about 'heroes' in the text?"


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"What does Cormier have to say about 'heroes' in the text?"
  1. THESIS STATEMENT: there is no such thing as a stereotypical hero
    1. FRANCIS
      1. Francis is a disfigured veteran but isn't recognized as one & lives in seclusion, showing that not all heroes live happy lifestyles: "I feel like a spy in disguise as I walk through the streets of Frenchtown"
        1. Francis looks nothing like what typical heroes would. In fact, he is described to have horrifying & disfigured features: " I can hear but no ears to speak of, just bits of dangling flesh"
          1. Francis' mission is to kill Larry LaSalle, which isn't very heroic considering the fact that he received a Silver Star: "I am filled with guilt and shame, knowing that I just prayed for the man I am going to kill"
            1. Francis has an imaginative mind & tried to link himself to heroes despite not believing that he is one. This could be because it is what he craves to be: "... like the aviators wore in their airplanes back during the First World War"
            2. LARRY LASALLE
              1. Larry LaSalle is presented as the typical hero through his appearance & his personality: "He was our champion"; "... his dazzling smile"
                1. Larry LaSalle helps Francis to have some self confidence and help him believe that he has talent: "I have been watching you Francis. You have a natural athletic gait"
                  1. Larry turns out to be nothing like what ordinary heroes are portrayed to be after he rapes Nicole & shows no remorse: "whistling softly"
                    1. Larry prevents Francis from committing a terrible sin: killing him. He makes sure that he doesn't have to hold onto that guilt and reassures him that what happened to Nicole was not his fault: "You couldn't have stopped me anyway, Francis. You were just a child"
                    2. NICOLE/ARTHUR RIVIER
                      1. Nicole forgives Francis & helps him start a new life by convincing him to become an author: "Write about it, Francis. Maybe you can find the answer that way"
                        1. Arthur Rivier & other veterans portray the effect that war can have on a person - they don't have any kind of exciting to look forward to like stereotypical heroes would have: "Arthur & Armand & Joe are always there, fixtures in the club"
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