Future Methodologies

Hunter Lynch
Mind Map by , created over 5 years ago

Secondary Society and Culture (Social Change and Continuity) Mind Map on Future Methodologies, created by Hunter Lynch on 06/26/2014.

Hunter Lynch
Created by Hunter Lynch over 5 years ago
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Future Methodologies
1 Forecasting
1.1 Historical data to forecast short term future + Graphs and statistics to make predictions
2 Feasibility Studies
2.1 Detailed assessment of the need, value, and practicality of a particular future + Helps determine the most effective and efficient use of resources
3 Scenario Writing
3.1 Analysing various factors and how their combination would affect the future + Tend to use the ‘best case’ and ‘worst case’ method
4 Simulation Games
4.1 Similar to a role-play, where participants represent a role within a situation, and improvise their interactions + Shows the processes, stereotypes, and perspectives that may influence futures

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