An Inspector Calls: Sheila Birling

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An Inspector Calls: Sheila Birling
1 THESIS STATEMENT: she supports a socialist view & gradually becomes more confident
1.1 Sheila is described in the author's notes to be "very pleased with life" which shows her to be a girl who doesn't seem to have many issues in life
1.2 She is cautious even in the beginning of the play & can tell that something is up with Gerald: "(half serious, half playful) Except for all last summer, when you never came near me"
1.3 She is easily impressed & is pretty materialistic, therefore doesn't show much care about more serious things in life. This can be observed in the way she doesn't comment during the men's conversations: "I think it's perfect. Now I really feel engaged"
1.4 She is genuinely distraught about hearing about Eva Smith & some of it turns into regret: "I can't help thinking about this girl - destroying herself so horribly - & I've been so happy tonight"
1.5 She is quick to stand up for the girl who were fired from her father's company: "But these girls aren't cheap labour - they're people"
1.6 She begins to speak her mind more as the play continues & often retaliates to what the others say: "(to Birling) I think it was a mean thing to do"
1.7 She is not one to underestimate the Inspector's intelligence: "Why - you fool - he knows"
1.8 She abused her power to make up for her insecurities: "I went to the manager of Milwards and I told him that if they didn't get rid of that girl, I'd never go near the place again & I'd persuade my mother to close our account with them"
1.9 She does regret what she did in Milwards: "I felt rotten about it at the time and now I feel a lot worse"
1.10 She is angered at how Gerald, Mr & Mrs Birling refuse to take responsibility: "(bitterly) I guess we're all nice people now"
1.11 She refuses to forget what she has learnt tonight: "But that won't bring Eva Smith back to life, will it?"
1.12 She understands what the Inspector's plan is - to make them confess one by one: "He's giving us the rope - so that we'll hang ourselves"

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