The Celts in Britain


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The Celts in Britain
    1. They were the first to introduce ironworking in Britain
      1. It helped them develop local independence
    2. WHEN
      1. Their culture developed during the Iron Age > ca 600 BC- 50 AD
        1. They settled in Britain between 500 BC and 100 BC
      2. WHO
        1. Tribes of warriors with a similar language, religion and culture
          1. Farmers who introduced the use of the iron plough in Britain
          1. Clan
            1. More clans formed a tribe
          2. RELIGION
            1. They worshipped the natural elements, like the sun, the moon and water
              1. They held religious rites in the woods
            2. WOMEN
              1. Almost equal to men
                1. Boadicea: a famous warrior queen who fought against the Romans
              2. LITERATURE
                1. Oral literature
                  1. Poems and stories passed down through bards
                    1. Lady of the Moon, Maiden, Mother, Crone, Granter of the Boon, With you we're not alone. We honor you tonight, As we read the rune. Love within your light, Lady of the Moon.
                2. BUILDINGS
                  1. They lived in timber huts with thatched roofs
                    1. They built hill forts: small ditches and banks surrounding hilltops
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