Year 9 Digital Literacy

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Year 9 Digital Literacy
1 Staying safe online
1.1 Remember what you post online
1.2 ONLINE ETHICS: A set of principles and morals governing peoples behaviour relating to the internet and digital devices
2 How the internet works
2.1 Computer networks
2.1.1 A computer network is a collection of computers that have been linked together so that they can share data, files and software
2.1.2 Computers in a network are joined together by cables or radio waves allowing the data to move between each computer.
2.1.3 Computers that are located in the same building or fairly close together are usually connected to form a local area network (LAN). Computers that are a long distance apart, in a different town or country are networked to form a wide area network (WAN).
2.1.4 A file server is a powerful computer that can store many files or programs which often controls the other computers and allows users to access their hardware from any machine on the network. It also allows users to share files with one another.
2.1.5 In order to log onto a computer network, you need a user name and a password. A single computer on a network is known as a password.
2.2 Different networks
2.2.1 Star network
2.2.2 Bus network
2.2.3 Ring network
2.2.4 Network interface card (NIC) is an expansion board which s inserted into a computer to allow it to connect to a network
2.2.5 A peer to peer network are computers that are networked without a central server
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