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British Literature
1 Old English Literature
1.1 Celts/Britons
1.1.1 Stonehenge Welsh Gaelic
1.2 Romans 43AD
1.2.1 Empire: 400 years London and roads Weakened empire + migration of Germanc tribes To save Rome leave England - Britons defenseless
1.3 Anglo-Saxon 500-1066
1.3.1 not a civilization, but an organized society / fishing and agriculture Converted to Christianism (just in name) Church: wrote the AS stories Vikings destroyed AS stories/monasteries Many kingdoms: King+worriors / no unification Entertainment: feasts
1.3.2 Beawulf The struggle against the evil betrayal of a good man by friends Heroic ideal superman strength / matchless courage Similar to Superman The determination to continue to fight survived to our day / speeches of Wiston Churchill
2 Middle-English Period
2.1 Normans 1066-1485
2.1.1 Mounted knight: military force Unified all England Feudalism / castle architecture Church King Nobles Knights Serfs / Anglo-Saxon Germanic tongue Songs and Ballads - Robin Hood Henry II killed Thomas à Becket and had to kneel Becket became a martyr French Romances - Arthur French + Old-English = Middle-English East-Midland (London) Prevailed because of Chaucer Latim - Official language
2.1.2 Geoffrey Chaucer 1340-1400 Fought in 100Yaers' War Diplomat The Canterbury Tales The tale illustrates their characterss Spiritual Journey toward eternity
3 The Renaissance
3.1 Henry Tudor defeated king Richard III
3.2 Printing press
3.2.1 books reproduced in larg number + people learn to read an write + literate people - oral tradition
3.3 Reformation
3.3.1 Luther: each person could read the Bible Abolish the Catholic hierarchical structure of the Church 1604 - King James ordered to translate the Bible
3.4 Renaissance / rebirth
3.4.1 Greek and Latin Manuscripts The view of the world and the man's place Study: anatomy; astronomy etc.. DaVinci, Michaelangelo
3.5 Columbus and Cabral
3.5.1 New wolrd: America
3.6 Thomas More 1480-1535
3.6.1 Utopia (nowhere) imaginary perfect land
3.7 Henry VIII
3.7.1 Divorced the queen to marry Anne Boleyn Confiscated all the Churches property New religion: Anglicanism
3.8 Symbols of Bible
3.8.1 The Garden - Eden Nature idealized Landscape World of dream
3.8.2 The City - Jerusalen Ideal human comunity deformed modern urban centers
3.9 Shakespeare 1564-1616
3.9.1 Dramatic climax Rhythm of the verses Capable of expressing the strongest emotion and the deepest philosofical Q knowlege of heart's mysteries Complex metaphors
3.9.2 Macbeth Him and his wife murder the king of Scotland People rebel Lady Macbeth commits suicide Macbeth prepare to meet his death Beneath his evil actions lies a heart that can suffer from the blows of fate
3.10 Civil War
3.10.1 Landowners Aristocrats Suport the Anglican Church and Monarchy
3.10.2 Merchants Commoners wanted representative in Parliament Puritanism - purify Christianity Vitory: Execution of the king Dictatorship / Commonwealth
4 Age of Reason
4.1 Daniel Dofoe 1660-1731
4.1.1 Businessman / journalist / spy / political Involved in the Monmouth Rebellion of 1685 Political pamphleteering - "The shortest way with Dissenders" (1703)
4.1.2 Robinson Crusoe - 1719 1º English Novel 1º person narrator / verossimilitude Inspired by real story Shows the life stripped to its basics stress the simple values of energy, perseverance, and ingenuity Optimistic picture os man alone
4.1.3 Context: London City of activity Migration / Hude crowns Epidemics
4.2 Jonathan Swift 1667-1747
4.2.1 Context: Enlightenment Logical thouhgts / Natural causes Isaax Newton / Harvey / Lavoisier Contradiction - Science iIdeals x The way of living Satire: Writers question the assumption that man is rational creature Literature: Logic / Reason Everything has its proper place Quiet places / ordered gardens Made life seems mechanical (Romanticism view)
4.2.2 Conservative education Minister's dacretary / Journalist Never criticize institution or an individual Focused on religious, political and social issues
4.2.3 Guliver's Travels -1726 Imaginary voyages / pure fantasy Pessimistic vision 1º and 3º voyage: Inferior society criticize the costums and politics 2º and 4º voyage: superior society became conscious of his inferiority
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