Pablo Picasso.

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Created by pagesfromthebase over 6 years ago
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Pablo Picasso.
1 Frequented the Fiestas Modernistas of Catalonia.
1.1 Helped design several covers of Quatre Gats.
1.1.1 Impressed by portraits of friend Casas, did one of his own which led to exhib of work in 1900.
1.2 interested in new pictorial ideas of the French.
1.2.1 painting accepted into 1900 Exposition Universalle.
1.2.2 inspired by impressionism/post-impressionism, went to Paris with friend Cassagemas as a guest of modernist painter Isidre Nonell. Returned to Spain 1900. Suicide of Cassagemas 1901 led to 'Blue Period'. BLUE PERIOD MIND MAP.
2 Broke away from academic art training and moved to Barcelona
3 Style circa 1900: Mutes and mingles figures w/ light, brushstroke heavy and rapid, great attention to volumes.

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