Music Work / gcse

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this is work for GCSE music if u are have trouble with GCSE music have a look at it :)

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Music Work / gcse
1 Tempo and mood
1.1 Musical words
1.1.1 Larghetto Still broad , not to slow 60-66
1.1.2 Adagio Bit fast than largo 66-76
1.1.3 Andante Walking pace 76-108
1.1.4 Moderato Moderate speed 108-120
1.1.5 Allegro Quick and lively 120-168
1.1.6 Vivace Very lively - quick than allegro 168-180
1.1.7 Presto Really fast 180-200
2 Clefs
2.1 Treble clef
2.1.1 Used for high pitched melody instruments
2.1.2 Soprano and alto voices
2.1.3 It all ways stays in the same place
2.2 Bass clef
2.2.1 Lower pitched instruments
2.2.2 All so used for bace voices
2.3 Vocal tenor clef / voices
2.3.1 It is the same but it has and 8 underneath it mean it is played and octave lower
2.3.2 Used by tenor voices and lead guitar parts
2.4 C clef
2.4.1 Middle point middle line alto clef / viola
2.4.2 C clef can make the middle clef move
2.4.3 It look like a capital B
3 Major scales
3.1 Ordinary scales have eight notes named
3.1.1 1st note = tonic
3.1.2 2nd note = supertonic
3.1.3 3rd note = medians
3.1.4 4th note = subdominant
3.1.5 5th note = dominant
3.1.6 6th note = submediant
3.1.7 7th note = leading note
3.1.8 8th note = tonic
3.2 Major scales all sound very bright and cheery
3.2.1 The c major scale is the only one with no black notes played
3.2.2 Tone / tone / semitone / tone / tone / tone / semitone
4 The voice
4.1 Female voicese
4.1.1 Hight pitch femail voice called soprano
4.1.2 Lower femail Bose is called contralto
4.1.3 Mezzo-sopranos Sing in the top of alto
4.2 Male voices
4.2.1 Higher male voice is called tenors
4.2.2 Low male voice is called basses
4.2.3 Men sing femail parts are called counter teners
5 Romantic composers
5.1 Stared to move away from tonality
5.2 Classical music is tonal the key melody is written In
5.3 Romantic composers used lot of chromatic Nots and cords
5.4 The romantic put in so many chromatic that their Music they started to lose the character
5.5 Lots of music lost did not belong to any key
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